Highland - Redlands, CaliforniaThe GOB Platform, from its central location of activities in the Inland Empire Highland - Redlands | Highland California (near the Los Angeles Basin), is a legally binding Chartered Public Trust. We are unlike other public trusts as we are non-lobbying and non-special interest as we operate through bequests, donations, fundraisers and grant providers. Consumer protection is a right that we consumers bear and not to be taken hostage by special interest. Our activities extend worldwide as we encourage visitors to help us to carryout our legally binding Charter.

    Our work areas two areas; (1) activities (accreditation and recognition) and (2) projects (humanitarian). Often these two areas of work interact with each other.

The GOB Accreditation and Recognition Platform, within its Board of Directors for Governance and Technical & International Delegates carry the primary purpose and duties to protect communities and consumers. We carry our duties and responsibilities at heart, our purpose with ethical integrity and without the prejudice of special interests. As a public trust we comply with anti-fraud, anti-corruption and antitrust laws, and to this effect we do not lobby or attempt to influence policy to exclusively benefit bearers or signatories can benefit or to monopolize specific sectors. To achieve our duties we established, implemented and operate in response to internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks of management systems and practices, as we equally engage in feasible public matters within a free market society.

    As a Public Trust, a Foundation, we will engage in feasible and viable activities that relate to education, validation and attestation that encompass issues of benefit to communities and consumers as these may relate to matters of the “green environment” stewardship, education, safe foods, quality of goods, security, health, medical and safety while considering government policies, faith, constitution and judicial law within the determined jurisdictions worldwide.

    We measure success not by dollars earned but by the collaborative efforts resulting in the protection of consumers, to specifically cite a few of our achievements: a signatory contributed in the July - August 2009 in a safer infant formula within the supply chain in a region of North America; in 2010 a GOB signatory & bearer provides the first Food Safe Management System (FSMS) ISO 22000 in Baghdad Iraq and Kabul Afghanistan; and QMS ISO 9001 to SAMSAT POLISI since 2009 - current signatories and bearer continues to help security, safety, healthcare and medical, and continuing to promote safe foods worldwide within a free market economy. Our independence encourages responsible behavior.     

We invite you to visit our pages to learn more about us and our Charter, Governance - Board of Directors leadership, and International - Technical Delegates at the forefront of our activities worldwide in bearing a Charter for the protection of consumers and communities, and to promote, encourage and participate in a free market from North America.


2017 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform is a U.S.A based chartered public trust for which contributions are tax deductible per 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code.