During the 2011 Conference the following positions where elected;

  • Thomas Bechtel - President Chairman

  • Brian Hettrick - Secretary

  • Denise L. Hayes - Treasurer

  • Director | Counselor - Armando Valladares

  • Director | Counselor - Luis Garcia-Pelatti

  • Sustained: Victor M. Cintron, Senior Advisor in Representation of
    Signatories and Bearers


Board of Directors GOB











Left to right; Luis Garcia-Pelatti, Brian Hettrick, Denise L. Hayes, Ambassador
Armando Valladares and Thomas Bechtel

Celebration GOB, elected members and guests

During Diner April 29 Dinner, left to right; Brian Hettrick, Luis Garcia-Pellati,
Honorable Ambassador Armando Valladares, Marta Valladares, Denise L. Hayes,
Thomas Bechtel and US Congressman Honorable David Rivera. 


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