Denise L. Hayes, SecretariatA Message from Our Treasurer

Welcome to The GlobalNet Oversight Board | GlobalNet Certification Committee Accreditation - Recognition Platform, GOB, a public trust. Through our Web we can reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of consumers with our message of purpose, integrity and hope through a legally binding Charter as a chartered not-for-profit authoritative entity from California U.S. Since late 2008, we engage in donations, fundraisers, grants and regulatory affair activities to carry hope with moral purpose and integrity to consumers worldwide. Facing issues that threatens communities and consumer through the supply chains our Charter is a self-evident. While many others hope for ethical-integrity, through our Charter we can provide true integrity.

Our efforts since our humble startup we can bear a noble and honorable charter. As we carry the necessary proficiency with independence through a global diversity of professionals, and we decided to act as we can no longer be a passive “observer” on the sidelines without acting as ailments and threats continues to impact consumers and communities worldwide. Our activities are in appeasement with facts, truth, morality, ethics and integrity with a purpose that carries value to protect communities and consumers that promote, encourage and participate in product and services initiatives from America. This expresses our pledge, legally binding Charter, a legacy.


2017 | The GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform a USA Public Trust, contributions are tax deductible in adherence to 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code. Legal entities voluntarily carry regulatory affairs binding to the Charter of the GOB as bearers and signatories in the role of namely “watchdog”. As a registered in the State of California Office of the Attorney General Registry of Charitable Trust, The GOB nor any other entity carries the entitlement to forcefully or compulsory obligate to vis--vis third party signatory, bearer, or otherwise upon to others. The GOB resources to operate derive from donations, bequests, fundraising and grants.